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"Thank You" to all the exhibitors and visitors who rented our properties and the home owners that trusted our service for the 2017 event! It was even  better than last year... 600,000 guests from 80 countries attended EAA!        Future EAA® AirVenture® Oshkosh™ dates: (2018) - July 23-29

Our goal is to help exhibitors find the perfect private rental accommodations near EAA-AirVenture Oshkosh." 

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(Fly In Lodging is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. (EAA).

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About Us

Bill & Lois Welk have been in the Oshkosh area since 1978 and have operated Fly-In Lodging since 2004. They know the ins and outs of filling prospective renters needs better than anyone. " We understand the importance of renting a home or rooms while attending the EAA-AirVenture event to you – which is why we want to help you find the perfect one!" 

At Fly-In Lodging, we pride ourselves in helping every request find lodging that perfectly fits their needs, turning every house or apartment into your home. We want to make our hometown your hometown for a while. 
We're one part Realtor, one part Broker, one part friend (with good taste)! Unlike other fancy-shmancy Companies, we're real people who want to make you happy! We will give you our personal attention.

We love that “small town” feeling with our community-centered subdivisions, well-manicured public parks, and quiet-friendly neighborhoods with modern homes of various sizes and designs. You will find Shopping, entertainment and restaurants along tree-lined downtown streets and many shopping centers and malls located throughout our progressive city. We invite you to come to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in July for the worlds largest aviation event and when you have some spare time away from the event grounds you will enjoy all the wonderful ways to relax here.


We want to extend a huge amount of Thanks to everyone who has trusted our service all these years! 

Come, fly with us! 

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